10th Anniversary 2003-2013

Canary Islands Digital Memory- 10 aniversario (2003-2013)
What is MDC

Memoria digital de Canarias (MDC) (Canary Islands Digital Memory in english) is the canary documentary heritage portal that provides access to all types of documentation on the Canary Islands, always showing the complete documents, free. With the Memoria digital de Canarias (MDC) the Library of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria offers the general public access to canary documents by the latest technological trends in the field of dissemination and preservation of information, creating a digital library pioneer-regional in scope, in our country.



A decade of MDC (2003-2013)

The February 25, 2003 was publicly presented one of the first heritage portal for Spain. The first digital library made in the Canaries, made entirely with staff, media and proprietary technology of the Library of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), was presented by the Magfco. Rector Manuel Lobo Cabrera, Francisco Quintana Navarro Manager and Director BULPGC, Alicia García Girón, in a public act in the presence of media in the Institutional headquarters of ULPGC. It was also presented to the whole country the same year in the III Workshop de proyectos digitales REBIUN in Barcelona.

Canary Islands Digital Memory (mdC) formed part of the initially digital library of ULPGC, digital resources featured among the very few of this kind which was then offered to the public in our country. MDC offered from day one, completely open and free, publications, manuscripts, images, audio and digital video of significant works of Canarian culture of all time. Its coverage included any time, support, provenance and subject always to be Canarian authorship, published in Canary Islands or that dealt on topic.

Given the limited supply of telecommunications that was available then, MDC initially offered its contents in two versions: for the newly implanted ADSL modem and 56 Kb internet speed. MDC was also the first digital library that offered in Spain and video digital audio in streaming mode (without prior download) that could be accessed even by those who only had his home in a modem connected to the traditional telephone line.

In these ten years of work and uninterrupted growth, the MDC has known three versions. In the last one, submitted in 2008, specialized portals in its own included. So, it has now incorporated a photographic portals, historical archives, intangible heritage, sound recordings, architectural, hemerography, etc..

At presentm mdC currently offers nearly 60,000 records, including over 16,850 items (including monographs and journal articles), 36,000 images, 4,350 sound recordings, about 570 videos and 1,356 architectural projects.

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The scanning program Memoria digital de Canarias (MDC), launched in 2002, seeks to collect any documentation produced in the Canary Islands, on Canary Islands, or Canarian Archipelago's authors of any age, unpublished or published, without distinction the type of support that is or matter in question. The only limit to what are the rules of intellectual property.



Memoria digital de Canarias (mdC) allows any person over the Internet and free of charge, to consult, read and print all kinds of texts. Can also listen to sound recordings in good fidelity or display pictures and videos in full screen. In this way Memoria digital de Canarias (mdC) effectively contributes to knowledge dissemination and electronic storage of documentary heritage of the Canary Islands, and also offers an effective support to the educational efforts of all levels: primary, secondary and university education, in that it permits users of all ages and from anywhere, using MDC to improve their educational level through access to canary documentation.



The sites that offer free access to documentation are:



mdC-Text - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/mdc


mdC-Images - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/mdci



mdC-Multimedia - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/mdcm



Journals - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/revistas


• Royal Economic Society of Gran Canaria's Friends (RSEAPGC) - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/rseapgc


• Jaime O'Shanahan photographic archive - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/oshanahan

• Maximiano Trapero's oral literature archive of the Canary Islands - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/trapero

• Echos and Voices. Regards from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/voces

• Miguel Martín-Fernandez de la Torre Archive - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/torre

• Saulo Torón personal archive - http://mdc.ulpgc.es/saulo



How to cite us


If you use the digitized material from Memoria digital de Canarias (MDC) for their studies and research, kindly quote us as follows:

Documents obtained from Memoria digital de Canarias (MDC). University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Work with us

Memoria digital de Canarias (mdC) is an open platform for collaboration within and outside the Canary Islands. Thus, the ULPGC Library offers its digital platform to all individuals, associations, bodies or institutions, public or private, which to wish collaborate in transfer his canary-themed documentary collections, living or historical and are of general interest to digitalization and integration in mdC. To do this simply contact us at the address below.

Such authorization can print it, sign it and send it to us through the usual channels or you can choose to incorporate digital signature (know how) and send it via email.


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